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Hikes & Walking Trails

Explore Home Valley’s magnificent landscape on any of the seven unique self-guided walking trails, which feature rare beauty only found in the Kimberley wilderness. Trail durations and difficulty levels vary from a gentle hour-long walk to a challenging three-hour trek.

Bindoola Gorge Trail

3.8 return walk (2-3 hour duration)
Magnificent escarpments, savannah woodland, sandstone slabs and boulders characterise the Bindoola Gorge Trail. This is classic East Kimberley gorge country, home to permanent waterholes, crocodiles and a diverse rang of birdlife.

Bindoola Gorge Lookout Trail

6km return walk (3-4 hour duration)
Expect magnificent views, sheer cliff faces and amazing rock formations on the Bindoola Gorge Lookout Trail. The trail leads to excellent vantage points with views of Bindoola Gorge, the Cockburn Range, Pentecost River and the Homestead.

Bindoola Falls Trail

1.2km of trail options (1 hour duration)
Located 16km west of Home Valley Homestead, just off the Gibb River Road, the trail offers four main walking tracks. These cover walks to elevated lookouts or descents on large boulders to view the pools and creek below.

Wildflower Valley Circuit Trail

5.3km circuit walk (4-5 hour duration)
Diverse flora and fauna, scenic terrain and comfortable walking describe this trail. Passing through a number of plains where an abundant range of wildflowers can be found between April and June, this is a pleasant walk. Also particularly noteworthy for bird watchers.

Nyarli Lagoon Trail

1.2km return walk (20-30 minute duration)
The Nyarli Lagoon Trail is an excellent walk for bird watching enthusiasts and features a large, deep lagoon. Thick Melaleuca trees and sandstone escarpments protect this permanent waterhole oasis, offering walkers a peaceful and relaxing break from the harsh surrounds of the Kimberley landscape. Nyarli Lagoon Trail begins 15km west of Home Valley and requires a 4WD.

Cockburn Lookout Trail

1.1km return walk (30 minute - 1 hour duration)
The Cockburn Range Lookout Trail is an easy and pleasant walk to the Cockburn Range and Meteorite Valley Lookouts. It features great views and typical East Kimberley country and is particularly great for sunset photography.

Mount Bald Lookout Trail

3.6km return walk (1 - 1.5 hour duration)
Uninterrupted views, expansive vistas and distant landscapes dominate the Mount Baldy Lookout Trail. For those who love a panoramic view this walk is a must!

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